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Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme

On July 28th 2020, the government introduced their £50 Fix Your Bike vouchers.

We are registered as a repairer under the scheme, so we can currently accept the vouchers. There has, however, been some confusion over who and what is eligible for the scheme.

What is eligible:
Damaged or non-functional brakes;
Damaged, rusted, or non-functional drivetrain items (derailleurs, shifters, chains, cassettes/freewheels, chainrings, cranks, pedals);
Damaged or non-functional tyres, tubes and wheels;
Damaged or non-functional necessary lighting;
Any other necessary parts that would currently make the bike unsafe or non-roadworthy.

What isn't eligible:
Bikes that currently work well;
Routine servicing (contrary to several reports, including the BBC);
Upgrades or replacement of functional parts;
Purchase of parts that are aupplied but not fitted (i.e. spares);
Any other parts not necessary for making the bike safe or roadworthy.

The value of the vouchers is up to £50, and there is a limit of one per bike, and two per household.

The process is as follows:

Contact your repairer (in this case, us!) to arrange a time to inspect the bike
Agree on the works necessary, and the price for the overall job (if it's over £50, you the customer are liable for the rest)
Apply online for the voucher
Give the voucher number details, along with proof of address to the repairer (we do need this for the scheme to tally up - your details are hidden once the voucher has been redeemed)
We do the rest!